Frodsham Tip Location Debate

Should Frodsham tip move to a new location or stay where it is?

Frodsham "tip" has been located on the car park by the station for as long as I can remember. In many respects it has served the community really well over the years but can it and should it be better? Here are my thoughts on the tip.


  • Located close to the town for residents.
  • Easy access in and out.
  • Allows various types of waste i.e. green, wood, plastics, recyclable and general waste.


  • Steps make it difficult for access carrying heavy waste
  • Not elderly or disabled friendly
  • First thing you see when getting off the train is the tip
  • Congestion for access to car park
  • Has to close when moving skips

My recommendations for the tip are:-

  • Relocate to a position outside of town centre but easily reachable
  • Access on flat level to skips like Ellesmere Port
  • Allow for trailers greater than 1.5m in length - we are a rural community and sometimes we have long trailers
  • Have a re-use shop on-site like Ellesmere Port

I think we should have a town debate on the next location and what the land in the centre could be used for. As a starting point for discussion my proposal is

  • relocate to a site by Gleaves Garden Centre
  • transform the current location to free parking for elderly

Information about the tip can be found on the Council website on this link Cheshire Gov Website


Category: news | Published : 01 May 23

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