Jason Moorcroft on Runcorn High Street

New Runcorn-Helsby Constituency

The constituency will comprise the following areas: Helsby, Frodsham and the parts in the Borough of Halton currently in the (to be abolished) constituency of Weaver Vale, comprising about half the electorate. The town of Runcorn, currently part of the constituency of Halton - the majority of which will form the basis of the new constituency of Widnes and Halewood. The Gowy Rural ward, including the village of Elton, transferred from Ellesmere Port and Neston.

Why vote for Reform

The Tories have let us all down. Too much instability and too much in-fighting. They've run out of ideas and another term will spell disaster for the country. They cannot even find a Foreign Secretary within their own MPs.

Voting for Labour is voting for bankrupting Britain as we've seen with their management of local councils. We need growth, less tax, less government intervention and support of British values. As Tony Blair opened the flood gates for immigrants so will Keir Starmer. If you don't want a cashless society. If you don't want digital ID cards for the government to track us all then Labour are not a good option.

Reform UK uses common-sense policies to give our population a future, money in their pockets and a common goal to bring back Britain to the heights it deserves.


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Our Contract With You

Our Contract With You
Britain needs fixing and this is how to do it.

Leaving the ECHR

Leaving the ECHR
Should the UK leave the confines of the ECHR? And if so, what next?

Proportional Representation

Proportional Representation
Should we adopt proportional representation in the UK

Tories broke britain. Labour will bankrupt it.
Representing the people of Runcorn and Helsby Constituency. Promoted by Jason Moorcroft, Reform UK 83 Victoria St, London SW1H OHW